We may be able to help you with complaints about banks and finance companies that we regulate. Use these steps to help you with your complaint.

The IDOB is not authorized to act as a judge in settling contract disputes. The settling of these legal matters needs to occur in the appropriate court. The IDOB will not intervene in any formal legal proceedings and will not pursue any adjudicated complaints. Employees of the IDOB cannot provide legal advice. Guidance of that nature needs to come from an attorney.


Before you file

  • Try to resolve your issue with the place of business.

Find the regulator

We can only assist customers of state banks and financial companies that are chartered in Iowa. Use the links below to determine if we regulate the place of business.

Still unsure? Call or contact our office.


Submit a complaint form

Ready to file?

  • I have tried to resolve the issue directly with the place of business.
  • I have confirmed that the IDOB regulates this business.

After you submit a complaint

The IDOB will attempt to resolve complaints as quickly as possible. The bank or licensee will be given 10 to 20 business days to research and respond to the complaint.  The time allowed will vary depending upon the nature and complexity of the complaint.

You will be contacted by an analyst at the IDOB to help conclude the investigation.